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            To others and themselves the British have a reputation for being conservative——not in the narrow political sense, but in the sense of adherence to accepted ideas and unwilling to question them.The reputation comes partly from their 1 .For 900 2 they have suffered 3 invasion nor revolution (except in 1649

            4 1688) nor disastrous defeat in 5 .Their monarchy (君主政體) survives 6 serious question.Under its normal 7 political arrangements have been 8 stable that, except for the 9 interruptions in the seventeenth 10 , they have been adopted throughout 11 centuries to meet changing needs without violent 12 .Britain, in 1978, was 13 in managing without 14 written constitution; some fragmentary definitions of 1688 still 15 .There had been 16 quarrels, social and economic as well 17 political, but the quarrels had been 18 , usually 19 compromise.The underlying 20 had not been broken.

            1.A.language B.future C.history D.literature

            2.A.centuries B.years C.minutes D.seconds

            3.A.neither B.as C.or D.either

            4.A.too B.but C.or D.and

            5.A.home B.study C.peace D.war

            6.A.and B.without C.with D.neither

            7.A.name B.people C.leadership D.enemy

            8.A.so B.very C.too D.such

            9.A.two B.one C.no D.couple

            10.A.month B.day C.year D.century

            11.A.a B.any C.the D.few

            12.A.changes B.change C.altered D.changed

            13.A.common B.popular C.unique D.angry

            14.A.two B.a C.some D.their

            15.A.survive B.surviving C.survives D.survived

            16.A.bitter B.happy C.pleasant D.unhappy

            17.A.for B.as C.to D.at

            18.A.settling B.settles C.settle D.settled

            19.A.for B.at C.to D.by

            20.A.continue B.continuity C.continuous D.continued

            1.【答案】C 由于下文緊接著敘述到過去900年的有關情況。故應選history,才能與下文銜接。

            2.【答案】B 根據句子意思判斷。

            3.【答案】A 應選neither才能與其后出現的nor構成并列連詞neither…nor…。

            4.【答案】D 根據句子意思判斷。

            5.【答案】D 需選一名詞與前面的介詞in構成介詞短語,且這個短語在語意上要與前面的disastrous defeat相吻合。故選D可以滿足這個條件。

            6.【答案】B without serious question意為“沒有嚴重的問題”。

            7.【答案】C “在……領導下”的表達方式是under the…leadership.

            8.【答案】A so…that…構成固定短語,意為“這么……以致于”

            9.【答案】A 上面提到1649和1688兩次革命,所以A項正確。

            10.【答案】D 根據句子意思判斷。

            11.【答案】C the centuries特指那些穩定的世紀。

            12.【答案】A 應從A或B中選一名詞作介詞without的賓語。將A和B加以比較:A.changes作可數名詞用,意為“變化”,符合題意。B.change一詞系不可數名詞,意為“零錢,找頭”。

            13.【答案】C 根據上下文意思,應選unique“獨一無二的;唯一的”。

            14.【答案】B 沒有一項成文憲法,a為一項的意思。

            15.【答案】D 應選survived才與上下文時態一致。

            16.【答案】A bitter意為“尖銳的,厲害的”。

            17.【答案】B as well as為一并列連詞。

            18.【答案】D settled符合語法要求。

            19.【答案】D by compromise意為“通過折衷、妥協的辦法”。如:We should settle our differences by compromise.我們應采取折衷的辦法來解決我們之間的分歧。

            20.【答案】B 四個選項中,只有名詞continuity正確。